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Polette is a glass brand which is becoming famous, they sell the most beautiful glasses here. When I first came on the website of Polette, I was pretty surprised by the amount of glasses they sell. I immediately searched for some nice sunglasses, because as far as I know I don’t need real glasses. After a hour searching with a lot of fun, I made a decision.  The Caipiroska.S is seriously a beautiful sunglass and I’ve got them sent by Polette for this summer.

Polette makes sure you pay the lowest prices to supressing the costly intermediates. Because of this you get a really good product for your money and the glasses are really worth the money. The frames and lenses are provided straight from the workshops. On Polette you can find prices from $9.99 with the most beautiful and the most original frames. You can choose everything what you want, your glasses, the frame, and maybe progressive lenses if you need that. All glasses are anti-reflective and anti-scratching. This can be achieved by adding a protecting coat. Because of this the glasses fit perfect.


Then now about the glasses. The glasses are seriously beautiful and from a good quality. As you can see aren’t the glasses black, but also not nu brown. The glasses have a bit of a green tone and that’s what makes these glasses special. The frame of the glasses is red, black and a bit of white, so the green tone fits perfect. When I saw this glasses, I immediately thought of a vintage mood.


The glasses fit perfect. It’s not too tight on my head so I get headache from the glasses, but he isn’t also too lose so I can easily lose them. I didn’t say my sizes or something, so that it fits so perfect is pretty special. The only disadvantage is that the glasses are too dark for Holland. When I cycle with these glasses, I have the feeling that I cycle in the dark, but it’s just afternoon.


This is the back of the glasses. I don’t get any stamps of the glasses , what I mostly get when I wear sunglasses. When you put of your sunglasses and you see a big stamp or your nose, not that charming.


I also got a nice case for the glasses. This case is beautiful and fits perfect in your bag and is super pretty for in your room. When you see the case, then you think it’s pretty heavy, but that’s not it. The case doesn’t weight anything, but is pretty strong, so the case doesn’t get ugly suddenly.


As extra I’ve got this case and a dust towel for my glasses. In the case the glasses don’t fit, but the towel does. I put them together in my wooden case, then I won’t lose them.


polettee polettes poletteinc glasses polette me

Wat vinden jullie van deze mooie bril en van de foto’s?

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