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Something else on a beauty blog! A review about a Bluetooth speaker. I’m not the only one who reviews this speaker, that’s my brother. Today he reviews this Bluetooth speaker and believe me, he can be really critical.


The box of the speaker looks really pretty and professional. Black and clean, I like that. The speaker is pretty small and you can carry him around everywhere. The product also contains a transparant box where you can put the speaker in, so you can carry the speaker around without destroying it.


The back of the package explains with kind of speaker you purchased and where you can use the speaker for.


Also the inside of the box explains how the speaker works and what you can do with this speaker. A bit too much, but I think they want to make it as complete as possible.

bluetooth speaker

The product exists uit of a cable to charge the speaker. If you don’t have a Iphone or another USB charger, then it’s pretty hard to charge the speaker. I know that not everyone has that kind of a charger and then you need to buy another charger to actually charge the speaker. Of course, you can charge the speaker with your laptop or pc, but that’s pretty hard. With exception of the charging, you won’t get bothered with annoying cables which you need to bring and you don’t have to let you phone stay close to the speaker. This is because the speaker has a Bluetooth function. You can still do other things on your phone while you are listening.


This side of the speaker looks a bit too much. I know that it is normal that there is a brand or another copyright on the side of the product, but they could do it less attention attracting.

Bringing the speaker outside isn’t a problem. While you play football or another sport it is pretty nice to listen to music. You don’t have to worry about the speaker getting wet, because the speaker is waterproof.


My brother had a lot of speaker through the years, but never a small speaker. The speaker has a really good sound quality, especially for a small box like this. You can put the sound of the speaker really loud and that’s why this speaker is pretty good for a small party. Never stand away too far away from the speaker, because then it is possible that you can’t hear the music of the speaker anymore. The speaker stays uncharged really long and he can stay on for over eight hours. Enough for a whole day!

They say that this speaker is waterproof, but is that true? My brother tested the speaker under the shower. It was pretty scary to use this pretty speaker under the shower. The speaker didn’t break, yay! The only disadvantage is that it takes a long time to let the speaker dry.

You can get this Nude Audio speaker for 39.95 and you can buy this speaker at GSMpunt.

How do you think this speaker is and what do you think of these kind of reviews? 

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