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Born Pretty Store | Review, Swatches & L

Written by Celine

31 August 2016

A couple of months ago I wrote a review about the Born Pretty Store. I was very positive about some products, but not about all the products. I was allowed to choose a couple of more products and I’ve made a look of these. I also wrote a review about these products. Curious about all the products and if I nailed my look?

Box of lipgloss


I’m pretty amazed by this lipgloss. There is another brand lipgloss on the site, but I’ve received a lipgloss from the brand ‘Born Pretty’. The box really stands out in my stash. Normally I have black boxes, but now a neon pink. Really pretty actually!


This is the lipgloss. I’m not a fan of lipgloss, because I think it’s way too sticky. The lipgloss isn’t sticky, but he disappears of my lips really fast. There is one big disadvantage of this lipgloss, he smells really bad. It smells like I apply cleaning agent on my lips. I tried the lipgloss first on my hand and after that on my lips of course. I didn’t had any weird allergic reactions, but I’m not feeling like wearing this lipgloss again.

The lipgloss


The brush isn’t amazing as well. Maybe it isn’t amazing because of the smell (because it’s so bad!), but this brush is way too long. I’m scared that I stick this brush in my mouth and I definitely don’t want that with this smell.

Lipgloss swatches


These are the swatches of the lipgloss. No allergic reaction as you can see. The colour is beautiful, but the smell discourages me from using the lipgloss. I’m a bit scared since I read about all the bad ingredients which can be in the Chinese lipsticks.

Box of eyebrow pencil


This is the eyebrow pencil. I was very curious, because of all the positive reviews. Positive reviews aren’t everything of course. The box looks amazing, but also a bit weird. There are Chinese characters on the box and I don’t really like that. I don’t know why, but I pay attention more on certain products. A while ago I heard of the bad ingredients which can be in Chinese products, so this is a sort of a ‘remember’.


This is the eyebrow pencil. I notice now that the pencil has exactly the same colours as my blog. A plus point ;). You can remove the cap very easily and there is nothing special to notice. Of course a black box again!

Eyebrow pencil


This eyebrow pencil is very easy to use. You turn the pencil out, so he can’t break (yes, believe it or not! This clumsy girl can handle this eyebrow pencil!). The pencil is exactly the right colour. He could be a bit darker, but I think it’s good like this as well.

eyelook - kopie


I always love natural eyebrows. On some ladies looks the ‘darker’ versions really beautiful, but it doesn’t look that beautiful on me. For this eye look I used my W7 and Collection palettes and of course my Collection eyeliner where a review of will come online later.

“Eyebrows are sisters not twins”




Make-up brush


If you told me this was a toilet brush, then I would believe you. This is actually a brush for make-up, for example foundation or bronzer, but I think this brush is really unhandy. The handle is way longer than the brush itself and it just can’t fit in my hand. The brush looks pretty big on the pictures, but he is actually really small. Big enough for applying bronzer or a blush, but for a foundation not. The brush is really soft tho.

Chalk for my hair


Now the moment of truth. This isn’t normal chalk, although it looks like it. This is actually chalk for your hair. You can get a purple colour from this chalk and I’m pretty enthusiastic about this. I mean a temporary purple colour is so awesome right?


makeuplook - kopie

This is my hair without the purple colour. Brown and especially black is really hard to dye of course.

hair - kopie

hands - kopie

This is my hair with the purple colour and oh I think this is so awesome! It’s not a bright purple colour and it doesn’t attract attention that much. It’s pretty hard to apply the colour. You can’t apply the chalk immediately. You first need to make the chalk wet in hot water, until there comes some colour out of the chalk. I tried to put the chalk under the water tap, but this didn’t work. After that I grabbed a bin with hot water and I threw the chalk in it. Next I broke the chalk in several pieces and after a while there came a beautiful purple colour out of the chalk. I wouldn’t try applying the colour when you need to leave in a couple of minutes, because this doesn’t work. You really need the time to apply this colour, but it’s definitely worth it!


makeup - kopie

After washing my hair, the colour immediately disappeared. You don’t have to be scared that the colour doesn’t disappears, because this goes pretty easily. I prefer the colour staying in my hair a bit longer, but unfortunately it can’t. This look costs a total of 15 dollars.

The products I used:


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I am Celine. Enthusiastic, passionated and a bit perfectionistic, but I especially love blogging. Sharing my beauty and fashion tips was always something I loved to do. Go to my about me page to get to know me.

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