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Boots with a chunky heel | Cheap!

I was looking for boots with a chunky heel for a long time. These are pretty hard to find and I could never find the right ones. When I looked on Asos, I came across these super cute boots. Besides that, they were also discounted!

Boots with a chunky heel

Boots with a chunky heel

For a long time, I was looking for nice boots with a heel. I usually wear black shoes because they are easy to combine and that is why I bought these boots in black.

I have bought the shoes in size 36. Normally, I have this size, but I think I could buy a size smaller (if that size existed). Asos works with free returning, so that’s amazing. This way you can send the shoes back if they don’t suit you or if you have bought the wrong size.

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Laarzen met een brede hak

Unfortunately, the shoes get dirty quickly. Sometimes, dirt leaving some white spots on the shoes. This is a shame, but of course, can be solved by cleaning the shoes.

Boots with a chunky heel

The shoes fit reasonably well. Of course, I would have liked to have the shoes in a smaller size, but these shoes are available from size 36 onwards. For me, the shoes are also somewhat loose, so it looks like you are losing the shoes. However, I have very narrow and small feet and also narrow ankles, so it is quite difficult to find good fitting shoes, unfortunately.

Boots with a chunky heel

These shoes cost 25 euros, what is actually pretty cheap for a couple of shoes. They are currently discounted, so be on time. Sometimes, the price goes up to 35 euros, but if you wait and take a look a couple of days later, then the price goes down again.

What do you think of these boots with a chunky heel?  


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