Blogger meeting with Bosche bol and nice service

Last Saturday, I went with four amazing bloggers to Den Bosch, a city in The Netherlands. A really nice day full of food, making many pictures, vlogging, and visiting stores. We came across a Milka cow, but also a very fun boy which worked as a clerk. Curious to this blogger meeting? Then read this blog.

Blogger meeting and the trip with the train

The trip with the train was long but definitely worth it. Around 9:00, I stood at the station and the train came just in time. It was a pretty relaxing train trip, but I wanted to sit in the silent room, so I could blog a bit. Well, this didn’t really work out, because people were literally screaming in this silence room. I needed to change trains twice, what went very well. On the trip to Den Bosch, I didn’t miss my train, so I arrived in Den Bosch in two hours.

Nicole and I arranged that we would travel together when we were in Utrecht. Full of faith I stepped onto the train, but I couldn’t find Nicole anywhere. Nicole also tried to find me, but that didn’t really work out. When we arrived in Den Bosch, we figured out that Nicole sat in the front of the train and I sat in the back of the train. Stupid.

Bosche bol

First on our schedule was eating this Bosche Bol. A Dutch pastry which you definitely have to eat when you are in Den Bosch. It is actually just around pastry with chocolate and whipped cream, but very delicious. I didn’t expect that this would fill my whole stomach, but I ate the whole pastry with a lot of effort. Also, I drank this delicious cinnamon tea, so delicious…

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Vintage stores

We planned to visit a lot of vintage stores in Den Bosch, Well, that didn’t really work out, because we only visited one, fail. This is a little store where you can drink some coffee and buy some vintage stuff. To be honest, I forget the name of this store. Well, it didn’t really impress me haha.

In this store, you could buy a lot of nice earrings and cards. Typical stuff for a vintage store. Unfortunately, you couldn’t buy this cactus, but it brought me to a lot of nice ideas to do with my own cactus. This cactus is so cute.


blogger meeting

Around 13:30, two hours after we ate the Bosche bol, we went to NomNom. A very nice lunch tent with a lot of nice food. Merle and I almost exploded from the Bosche bol, so we weren’t really excited for the food. When I saw the food, my stomach immediately made some room for this delicious sandwich with smoked salmon. Damn, that was so nice.

“That guy in the service”

I need to give some compliments to the “boy in the service”. Bram, you were so amazing. In my opinion, a nice service makes everything better. We sat at our table with a lot of camera’s and Bram immediately walked to us to talk about his vlog/band life. He gave us a lot of nice tips to do in Amsterdam and Den Bosch and of course, we are all following him now. If you don’t follow Bram yet, then do that now ;).

I thought the blogger meeting was really amazing and I definitely want to go to another blogger meeting again. Annemae, Nicole, Merle, and Emma, you are all so amazing.

Have you ever experienced a blogger meeting?


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