Best places to consider for a trip to Rome

With Christmas, I went to Rome. A beautiful city and definitely worth to visit. I have seen a lot of beautiful places in Rome. Today I give you a couple of tips for your visit to Rome.

I’ve told you this before in a blogpost, but I literally passed by the Pantheon. I saw this building and I just thought it was ugly, so I passed by.  The next day we discovered that this actually a really nice building, so we went to this. From the outside it doesn’t look that great.  Don’t judge a book by its cover!

There are so many beautiful and nice statues which you can find in the Pantheon. The Pantheon is not really big. You can’t walk for hours in this church. After a maximum of 30 minutes I think you’ve seen everything in the Pantheon.

Of course, everyone knows The Pantheon, The Colosseum and way more famous buildings, but everywhere in Rome are unknown things you can see. Everywhere where you look, you can see something beautiful and there is nothing ugly in Rome.

It is a huge recommendation to visit all the churches you come across. A lot of times, the churches look really ugly from the outside and really small, but from the inside it looks beautiful. The fountain which you see on this picture, is really busy. There are a lot of Chinese people and actually way more Chinese people. So if you want to go to China, then you really need to visit this fountain. Okay joke, the fountain is worth it as well.

For the nature lovers, the parks are definitely worth to visit. You find a lot of beautiful birds here and the nature is beautiful as well. When you want a bit of peace, then this is definitely worth a visit.

As I already said, the parks are definitely worth a visit. The parks are really big and perfect for when you have kids. You can do a lot of different activities here. For example you can hire a bike for a little price and way more.

Where we were here, I have literally no idea. I only know that it is a beautiful place and definitely worth to visit. If I am right, this is a museum, but I am not sure.

I end this post with this beautiful view of the city Rome. Have you ever visited Rome or is this still on your wishlist?


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