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Beige oversized cardigan | Perfect for cold days!

The days are getting cold again and that’s why it’s time to look for winter clothes. I love oversized cardigans and I had been looking for a black and beige cardigan for a long time. Well, I can finally say that I have found the perfect beige oversized cardigan (and for that black one .. Well, that will be another quest). Curious about this cardigan? Then read this blog.

Beige oversized cardigan

Beige oversized cardigan Beige jurkje

This is the oversized cardigan I am talking about. It is an amazing cardigan because it is so thick. I have bought the cardigan in size 34, a size I always take. As you can see, the cardigan is pretty big and I like that a lot of course. If you want the cardigan to be less oversized, then I recommend taking a size smaller.

Beige oversized cardiganBeige oversized vest

The cardigan is made of 80% acrylic and 20% polyester. As a result, the cardigan is a bit uncomfortable, which is especially noticeable when you have just put it on. What I really like about this cardigan are the buttons. I prefer to wear the cardigan open, but if it is a bit colder, I can also close the cardigan, which is of course very nice.

The cardigan costs 39 euros, which is kind of expensive for a cardigan. But you do get good quality in return.

Beige oversized cardigan

With the beige cardigan, I prefer wearing light colors. This is why I wear a beige dress of NA-KD with sleeves. The only disadvantage of this dress is that you need to wear a top underneath. This gives me a bit of a “childish” feeling and I prefer wearing it without a top.

This dress costs 39 euros, the same price as the cardigan. It’s a cute dress for the summer and if you don’t mind the top under the dress, then you should definitely buy it.

I also like wearing jewelry with my outfits. This time I wear small stud earrings, which definitely suit this outfit.

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Beige sneakers Beige sneakers Beige sneakers

Besides the beige dress and the beige oversized cardigan, I also wear these amazing sneakers. They fit perfectly with my outfit because they are also in beige. Besides that, they fit me perfectly and they are really nice shoes to wear.

These shoes cost 79 euros, which I think is a reasonable price for these shoes. They are really fun and can be combined with many different outfits.

What do you think of this oversized beige cardigan?

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