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Beige high waisted shorts for holiday | Outfit

Summer is the perfect time to create new outfits. You can combine so many different things and there are so many more summer clothes than winter clothes. This time I put together an outfit from NA-KD that totally suits my style. I am also really in love with the beige high waisted shorts, which you can combine with many different things.

Beige high waisted shorts

zwarte body Beige high waisted shorts Beige high waisted shorts

I always wanted to own a black body, but I could never find the right one. I wanted a black body with thin straps from NA-KD, but you won’t find those in other stores. The body has a V neck and a number of buttons at the bottom with which you can open and close the body. The only drawback to this body is that it is clearly not made for small people like me. I bought this body in a size S and it costs 23 euros.

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Beige high waisted shorts Beige high waisted shorts

A black oversized denim jacket from NA-KD suits perfectly with this black body. I bought this denim jacket in size S, but it is really huge. On the one hand, I really like that, but on the other hand, it might have liked it a bit more if it would be smaller. Yet it is a very nice combination with the black body!

Beige high waisted shorts

These beige high waisted shorts from NA-KD are really perfect for a holiday. They aren’t too short, but not too long either. In addition, these shorts have a beautiful belt so at my waist the shorts are not too large. Also, you can easily put some things in the pockets of the shorts, but then I think it is a shame that the pockets can’t be closed with a zipper or buttons. I bought the pants in size 34 and cost 45 euros.

Beige high waisted shorts

To finish my outfit I wanted to have matching shoes from NA-KD that would fit perfectly with my shorts. Well, I am really in love with these shoes and I didn’t think that they would fit so well. The straps can be adjusted at the front and at the back, so you can actually adjust the shoes to your foot. However, you can’t take long walks on these shoes, but these shoes are really perfect for just shopping, for example.

What do you think of these beige high waisted shorts and the other clothing?


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