Artdeco lipstick | Photos, swatches and review


I didn’t know Artdeco, until I received an e-mail from SimplyPr. As you already know, I’m really addicted to lipsticks. I have a lot of lipsticks. but this lipstick feels different.

Let’s start with the shade. Normally I wear red lipsticks and I pretty much don’t have a (good) red/orange lipsticks in my stash. I don’t know exactly what I think of this shade, but I never wear nude lipsticks, because they don’t stand out that much. Then you can better wear no lipsticks, because you pretty much can’t see the lipstick. The container of this Artdeco lipstick is very pretty. Black, clean, but also a bit shiny, I love it. What attracts my attention is the top which is difficult be opened.


Then now the swatches. The shade is a bit orange/pink. Also there are a bit of glitters in the shade, so the lipsticks gets less nude. What attracts my attention is that the lipstick is very creamy. When I made my swatches it was so creamy, that I made the container of the lipstick dirty. The lipstick gets a real shape, so it turns into the perfect shape for your lips, but unfortunately there comes pieces into the lipstick. Pay attention that you don’t wipe your face with your hand. Now you probably think, you don’t do this with a normal lipstick right? I have a lot of lipsticks which stay on my lips for years. without it can be wiped off. I’m really used to this, so I won’t pay attention to wiping my face and there will be others as well.

What do you think of the shade of this lipstick?

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