Are big or small blogs better to advertise on?


The last time I’m really interest in this kind of subject. Are big or small blog better to advertise on? For this you need to look at a couple of aspects and that’s pretty hard to be honest.

If you choose without thinking about it then you would choose for a big blog, but this is not true for a part. Think about it, a big blog gets a lot of comments, but can’t respond on them all. This blog has less communication with his readers. I don’t know if that makes any different for advertising, but for me it seems like the reader ‘trusts’ the blogger more. It’s like your friend recommends your products instead of someone you don’t know.

The same thing about the price what the company pays for the review. Big blogs has a way bigger price ticket than the smaller blogs. Because of this you don’t often see budget products on the bigger blogs, but they are great aswell right? I’m more into the budget products and when I read reviews of the more expensive products, then I quit pretty often.

I think it depends on the price and the type of product. When you have a product of a small price, then you have a big chance to get never reviewed by bigger blogs. Also a big blog can be pretty big, but when the product doesn’t fit the blog then you have nothing about it. Most readers come to the bigger blogs to read the subject where the blog became famous of. Think about it you have a product about hair care, but the blog is a lifestyle blog. Then you have a small chance that it gets appreciated by the readers of that blog.

Dear companies, think outside the box please. Look at the subject of the blog and look at your own product aswell. You can’t expect a blogger to just write a article about the product and especially when the product doesn’t fit the blog itself. Don’t forget the power of the small blogs!

What do you think about this subject? If you were a company would you advertise on bigger blogs or small blogs?

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