Anti-bucket list | Things I dont want to do in my life

I see a lot of bucket lists on blogs. I really like to read those, but it isn’t very original anymore. That’s the reason why I’ve made an anti-bucket list. What are the things I would never want to do in my life? You read that in this blog.

Anti-bucket list

I seriously didn’t know how you needed to write this. For a lot of people, this is on their bucket list, but I prefer not to do this. If you would give me 1 million, then I would do it, but otherwise, I wouldn’t do it. Imagine, that rope gets ripped. Horrible.

Ghost hunting

Can someone explain to me why this is on someone’s bucket list? This just looks super scary and I would never do this. The same counts for boardgames where you need to call a ghost. No thanks.

anti-bucket list

Going to a wine tasting

Yes, this is seriously on someone’s bucket list. I frequently get emails from pr-bureaus to go to a wine tasting. I am seventeen years old and definitely not interested in wine or other alcoholic drinks.

Jumping of a gigantic mountain

Why would you do this? Imagine, there are a lot of sharp rocks under water and next you jump on that. That doesn’t sound very nice to me.

Doing a fish pedicure

No. Just no. Fishes who bite your feet? No.

Go skydiving

Everything with highs and things I need to give up my life for, no thanks. Skydiving is not something for me.

Shooting with a bow

Why would I want to do this? I only do this when I game and that’s it. With my clumsiness shooting with a bow isn’t the best hobby.

What’s on your anti-bucket list? 

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