An unexpected gift from my passed away grandma


A while ago, unfortunately, my grandma passed away. It was finally time to clean the house from my grandma and get all the treasured stuff out. Here I could find a lot of special and odd stuff, but I will talk about that later. My dad has found a gift for me. A really unexpected gift.

An unexpected gift

My dad has found a gift, which she probably forgot to give me. I guess this gift was for my fourth or fifth birthday. Earlier I always loved to become a vet and that’s the thing where this gift in inspired by. On the gift wrap there is a little text ‘congratulations Celine’. Probably written by my grandma or my grandpa. So special to see that they always thought of me.


In the gift was a book what is about pets. A really cute book, what was meant for me. My dad couldn’t find a gift for my brother and that while we always celebrate our birthdays together. Then she probably gave the gift to my brother, but for me they forgot it. I think it is really beautiful and special to see, that a gift and a really personal gift is still found after her unfortunately dead. And it is also special that I was still allowed to receive it.


More stuff

There didn’t only lay a gift for me, but also a lot of other stuff. Not only stuff to cook with, but also a lot of house and garden stuff. They also found a diary from my great great-grandmother and I would really love to see that one. There were also creams laying which came out of the year before 1980. I also got a old camera. A simple camera which works on a film roll. No idea how he works, but I am definitely going to find that out when I have more time, because he looks really pretty tho.


Not everything is cleaned up and it would be so beautiful if I am allowed to see more treasured and beautiful memories. I thought the gift was really amazing. How useless a piece of gift wrap and a book can be for someone, how treasured and special this is for me. Memories which I really don’t want to lose.


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