An idea to work out


I wanted to do something else with my blog, but I didn’t know exactly what. I love to write articles about beauty, but I also wanted to do something else. I finally came up with the perfect idea and I’m really enthusiastic about this.

My shower moments

As some may know, I blog three times a week. I wanted to blog more, but I didn’t know how. I always have shower inspiration moments and this time I got a lot of inspiration as well. If you follow my twitter, you probably read that I came up to more than twenty article ideas and I want to work them out. I’m busy with that at the moment, but I came up to a big idea as well. I didn’t want to just publice an article, but I wanted to help people. What isn’t more fun than helping my colleague-bloggers and design things I love?

The idea

Okay enough of that secret and weird talk, now straight to the point ;). I’m going to post every Sunday (with exception to the blog interview the first Sunday of the month) an article where I write about some amazing blogtips. Think about tips to improve your amount of visitors, to improve your lay-out, but as well how you can combine your blog with for example school or work. This isn’t only an article, but I add some free printables as well! I love to design things on Photoshop, but I didn’t now how I could share these with you. If I know how to design a printable with an article, then you can expect this printable being in that article. So you don’t have only information, but you can also apply it!

How am I going to apply this?

Starting this week Sunday (yes, already!), every Sunday comes an article online. You can download the free printable via a link below the article. Via this link you can download the printable on dropbox. I make this printable in different colours, so do you love a colour, then you can always ask me.

I hope this becomes a succes and I’m really excited to work out this idea.


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