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Everyone knows it already. I’m really clumsy and I can’t handle eyeliner. The most eyeliners are really difficult to use and most lines I make with these eyeliner are way too thick. Because of this it looks like someone slapped me in the face, because I want to remove the eyeliner of course. This eyeliner is different, but how different?

The package

Collection Eyeliner

A black package! As you can see, the hand grip is really small. I can grab the eyeliner way better and this is probably the case with everyone. If the hand grab was way thicker, then he falls out of my hand. I experienced once that I applied the eyeliner on my eyebrow. Then you will see, I didn’t even notice this and I almost went to school with a black eyebrow. The package is really simple. It would be prettier if the characters were silver, but this is a budget eyeliner of course. Most of the time budget means a cheap looking package (with exception to the Catrice packages! 😉 ).

The swatches


These are the swatches. As you can see, you can make small lines with this eyeliner, but also thick ones. With the most eyeliner you can only make thick ones and that’s why I am so enthusiastic. I don’t have to be really carefully with applying this eyeliner (I can’t be careful tho..). Most of the time I need to hurry in the morning and then I’m not careful with the eyeliner. I still want to wear eyeliner, because my eyes look way more green then. The color of the eyeliner is really beautiful. You should probably think, this is just black right? All eyeliner which I tried aren’t dark black and this one is. This one isn’t empty of course, but I use this one for a while and he still has a really beautiful dark colour.

The eyeliner on my eye


I love little cat eyes. For some eyes it is really beautiful when you apply the eyeliner thicker, but for me this isn’t unfortunately. I’m still going to make a eyeliner with a thicker lined cat eye, but for school I will apply it on a natural way. You can use the eyeliner super easily and I can make a really beautiful cat eye with this one. I need to practice a lot of course, but I am close to a beautiful cat eye. I have a lot of ideas for eyelooks and I am going to make work of this.

Are you clumsy as well? Then this eyeliner is really perfect for you. This eyeliner costs only four pounds and this is really cheap. I have bought this eyeliner in England, but you can order him via I’m really happy with this eyeliner and I hope he will stay in my life for long.


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