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An amazing escape room with amazing bloggers

Written by Celine

17 October 2016

escape room

Yesterday I did an amazing Escape Room with a couple of bloggers. This escape room was seriously amazing and I really want to do this again. Bloggers have more writing talent than escape talent haha. Well, I can definitely say this was seriously an amazing experience and it is definitely worth to write about it.

The begin of the bloggers meeting

Around 13:00 I arrived in Zwolle. I was the first one, so I chose a sofa near the AH to go. Naomi came to me pretty fast and we just needed to wait for Fabian, Silke and Tessa. They sat at another AH to go, because there were two AH’s on the station. All together we walked to the Escape Room. First we passed the escape room, because it didn’t really look like an escape room. When we walked inside we needed to look twice if this was really the escape room. We saw a couple of chains and other escape room attributes, so then we knew it was really the escape room.

Impossible puzzles

We got a nice drink first and we started to solve a couple of puzzles. This wasn’t the escape room itself, but we needed to do something to kill the time. We couldn’t solve a puzzle and then it looked like we could never solve the escape room. Around 15:00 we started the real escape room. I’m not going to tell all the details and how this escape room was. Also not where you can find all the hints and codes, but I can tell something else.

The escape room

We got brought to a room where we needed to wait until someone gets us. He introduced himself as doctor “”, but I already forgot his name. When he introduced himself as doctor I didn’t know if this was the begin of the escape room. I didn’t really know if he was an actor of the escape room or not. When we walked inside we needed to put our stuff in a locker. After that we needed to wait in a waiting room and we needed to fill in some practical stuff on a form.

I filled in that I didn’t really like being alone and I also didn’t really like being locked up in a room. Well, you can already guess it, I’ve got taken away and chained. I was all alone in the room and I questioned myself if I needed to solve the puzzle or not. Finally Naomi came to me and we finally were allowed to start with the escape room.

The escape room was really hard and we seriously had five seconds left. You really get to know the other bloggers. Fabian the sober one who isn’t afraid for anything. Naomi who can scream like a siren. Me, the clumsy one who can break things. Tessa, the long one, who loves to smash short people against walls and Silke who loves to cuddle with the actors. The last one was so hilarious. On a moment the actors kept walking around us and suddenly I saw Silke cuddling with an actor. I just heard that Silke has sent a friendship request on Facebook to the actor. Actually they secretly flirted with each other. .

On the end it was really a relief that it was over. It was so amazing, but really a brain killer. Everyone was so relieved and Silke even laid on the ground. On the end the actors said that they could see us every time. They said that we solved somethings on a really weird way. We even solved something, without solving the puzzle.

I can definitely say that The Great Escape in Zwolle is really an amazing escape room. Definitely worth it and so amazing to meet other people.


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