A therapy for my skin?

A therapy for my skin, what improves my skin more? This therapy promises that. The therapy contains three different product. A cream for my face, a bodylotion and a shower wash. Curious if this therapy really gives the results it promises?

The story Yun Probiotherapie

These cosmetics are abrought on the market, because the makers wanted to get rid of the habit that people immediately grab antibiotics. That is a bad habit, because too much antibiotics make people resistant against diseases and normally things can be solved without antibiotics. The makers want to get rid of the antibiotics for daily skin problems and they want to solve this on a natural way: Yun Probiotherapy. Instead of killing all the bacteria (the bad and the good bacterias), they will add a lot of good bacterias and they want to kill the bad ones.

Besides this part of the story, they are also the first ones who were able to process bacteria in a cream by packing it as small microcapsules.

What do I think of these products?

I have a really dry skin and I expected that my skin would become less dry. Unfortunately, this didn’t come true. When I started applying the products, my skin became a lot dryer. This can be because of the weather as well, but this is also because of the products. Of course, my skin can’t become dryer suddenly. After a week my skin became less dry, but it still wasn’t the result I expected. Also, I got a couple of pimpels and I actually never have that.

After a week or two my skin became less dry and less pimply. Really nice of course. I still had a dry skin, but lesser. After a week or three the result stayed the same and I tried if the product had a long lasting result on me. My skin immediately became way dryer and I started at the beginning again. When the product is empty, you immediately have a dry skin again.

Am I satisfied?

When you can use the product forever, then I am super happy with the result. Unfortunately this isn’t the case and I immediately got a dry skin when I stopped with the product. Very bad and I expected more too be honest. Sometimes I had to use extra care, because my skin was super dry. So, not the expected results..

What skincare do I use?  


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