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A cover stick what is really cheap and also works good? I’ve bought that in England a couple of months ago! I don’t use concealer or cover sticks often, but I really wanted to try this one out. Even more when I saw the little price. Does this cover stick works that good or is it just a bad bargain. It was definitely really cheap!

The coverstick


Okay, the coverstick looks really cheap. I know, it is cheap, but that doesn’t mean it needs to look cheap. The concealer is really light and has a plastic cover. The letters are really bright fortunately and they aren’t faded away. It would be so much better when the package was black with gold.. Maybe that is just my opinion.


The concealer has a lipstick shape, which you can pull out. From the inside the package doesn’t look that great. Just a thin, plastic box.


Look, I understand that the product is cheap, but the ingredients just has to be on the package right? I think this is really odd. Imagine, you are allergic for something and then you can’t even know if the ingredient is in the product or not.

What Natural Collection says about this cover stick: Easy to blend concealer to cover spots, blemishes and under-eye shadows. Fragrance-Free

Okay, the only advantage of this coverstick is that it is fragrance free. That is good right?



Well, I can say one thing. The concealer works pretty good and I didn’t expect this at all. I drew two little hearts with a black concealer. The upper heart is the one without the concealer and the second one with concealer. Under the second heart I made a swatch from the concealer. You have better concealers of course, but not for this price. You also can’t see that I wear concealer, but he hides a lot of weird spots. You can see the concealer laying a bit on my skin, but only when you put your nose against the mirror.


I am definitely satisfied with this concealer. The cover stick only costs two pounds and that is really cheap of course. The cover stick really completes its job as a concealer. The only thing what I would change is the package. A cheap concealer doesn’t have to look cheap.

How does this concealer looks like for you? Or do you prefer walking away from it?


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