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A Calvin Klein shirt for a classy look

On The Beautyboulevard I don’t only talk about women fashion, but also about men fashion. This is the reason why I will share an amazing shirt. This is a Calvin Klein shirt and perfect for men. Curious about this shirt? Then check out this blog.

Calvin Klein shirt

This is the shirt. It is black and perfect for a daily look. This shirt is from This website offers a lot of different shirts with will suit perfectly with your posture. I needed to email a lot of sizes so the shirt would suit perfectly.


You can combine this shirt perfectly with a couple of different accessories. For example, you can combine it with this watch, but also with a neutral bracelet. Besides that, you can roll up the sleeves for a nonchalant look.

Unfortunately, there are two disadvantages of this blouse. It isn’t drip-dry and I have the feeling it attracts a lot of dust easily. My brother just wore the shirt and I saw some dust on it pretty fast. An advantage of this shirt is that it closes easily with the buttons. It looks like the buttons are pretty strong, so you can’t rip the buttons off easily. This shirt has the perfect fit and suits perfectly.

Calvin Klein shirt

The nice thing about this shirt is that you can combine it pretty well. It is a weird shirt and with a nice jacket, you can combine it perfectly. Besides that, a nice backpack also suits nicely with it.

Don’t you only want to know more about this Calvin Klein shirt, but also more about Fynch-Hatton shirts? Then definitely check out the site of these shirts. 

What do you think of this Calvin Klein shirt?


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