A scrub against dry skin + clumsy moment

I have a dry skin. It is just super annoying. I can’t say anything else about it. A scrub is very good against the dry skin of course, but you have to use the right scrub. The coffee scrub is really the best solution for dry skin.

Coffee scrub

coffee scrub

I have dry skin on my face and that’s why my makeup looks super ugly sometimes. This scrub removes all the loose skin and it makes my skin super soft. I don’t say that my skin is totally soft, but it gets pretty close.

The scrub doesn’t have many ingredients. On the back, it is explained how these ingredients can help you. The scrub contains perfume. I didn’t know this before I read the ingredients. To be honest I think that is pretty bad.

Robusta coffee, cane sugar, sea salt, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, macadamia, oil, argan oil, vitamine E.

All ingredients are good for your skin. They make the skin super soft.


This is how the scrub looks like. You need to put a bit water on your face and in your hands before you can apply the scrub on the right way.  If you don’t do this, then the scrub literally falls on the ground. This has happened on the picture above. I am pretty satisfied with this scrub and I use it around one time a week. Sometimes less and sometimes more. If my skin is really dry then I use more scrub of course. The coffee scrub only costs 6.50 euros and it is enough for around 6 months.

Clumsy moment

I am not super handy with a scrub. Most of the time, the scrub falls out of the package. I wanted to make a picture how the scrub looked like, but next the whole package just fell. Well, as result I got a pretty picture. Next, I tried to remove the scrub, but this wasn’t really successful as well.

Do you use a scrub as well? Yes? Which one?


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