A random photoblog

A week ago, I went to the city with a friend. After that I made a couple of beautiful pictures and I would like to show them. I made this pictures with my camera, a canon sx60 hs. The camera has a beautiful zoom in function and you can make beautiful pictures with it, even from a distance. This is why I got a photoblog for you again.


Maybe you saw this photo in my last fridiary. I thought this photo was really special, because I didn’t even know what bird it is ( I still don’t know what bird it is, oops. If you know it, then tell me please.).


I saw these beautiful flowers when I walked through the city (see: all of the other flowers were dead). This yellow flower looked beautiful and that’s the reason why I made a picture of it. People looked at me, because I stopped walking in the middle of the street, because I wanted to make a picture of the flower, but hey, it was worth it!


I hate this bird so much. My biggest enemy. He looked at me and I made a picture really fast. Probably he is going to attack me soon because I fucked up his copyright and privacy.


Again those weird birds. They have so many different colors and they can swim under water aswell. I would really like to know what birds they are.


The day when I went to the city was a very beautiful day. De sky was blue and it didn’t rain aswell! This is the reason why I made this beautiful picture from the water and the blue sky.


Swons are really pretty birds. This one swam in the water and I couldn’t help it to make a picture of it too.

What do you think of these pictures?


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