A panda bear eye look?! – Eye look goes wrong

Do you see those eye looks often where you think ‘oh I want that as well’? Well, I have that. After that you make this eye look and then it doesn’t come out the way you want to. Especially when you’re clumsy and doesn’t have a stable hand, then something can go wrong. I tested a new palette for you guys today. You can already guess it, this didn’t go that well..

The palette


Wauw! The example of the palette looks so amazing! It doesn’t look that hard to make this look. Needs to work right?


On the palette are a couple of easy steps. You just start with a primer, that doesn’t have to be a problem. Then you just apply the eyeshadow on the called spots. Sounds so easy!

The swatches


The swatches are in the order from left to right. The swatches scare me a bit to be honest. The colors look a lot like each other. So you can’t see the difference between the eyeshadows. I thought, if the example can do it, then I can do it. It can’t be that difficult to just make an eye look right?

Eye look goes wrong

I immediately started the wrong way. I wanted to do the first step. Applying the primer. Well there was a bit of black on the brush, so my eye turned a bit black. wrong - kopie

Eyelook goes wrong. Well, you can definitely say that. The eyeshadow is really crumbly, so the eyeshadow appears like everywhere. When I say, everywhere, then I really mean everywhere.  I tried to blend the eyeshadow away, but this made it even worse. The pigmentation is really good, but what an horrible eyeshadow damn.. It looks like I have bitten some pieces out of my eyeshadow, but yeah I can laugh about this. Most beauty bloggers can do their make-up on an amazing way and then I’m here..

eyelookOkay, on the picture the eye look looks way better than in real life. If I need to be honest, then the eye look looks pretty good on the picture. I mean, I wouldn’t walk with this eye look on the streets, but for a picture it is possible. The color fits pretty good with my eye color and if we forget the last picture, then we can’t even say that this eye look is that ugly. I can definitely say, that this palette is a completely new experience for me. I’ve also learned that it is not the best plan to experiment with grey or black eyeshadow..


When I removed my make-up, a whole different eye look came forward. On my eye lid were a couple of left-overs and I added a bit of mascara. I think this is a pretty cool eye look. Just natural and Í don’t look like a panda bear who fell in the mud.




Did you make also make an horrible eye look?


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