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Clay mask for greasy and dry skin

Masks are really amazing. My skin becomes softer, it is easy to apply and you can use it before you take a shower. Often, my hair gets greasy of creams and it takes pretty long before my skin turns soft again. With a mask that’s not the case and with a good mask my skin gets soft as well. Today I test a clay mask which needs to make my skin soft again.

The clay mask

Clay mask

This bag is really gigantic. Normally, I have pretty small bags for my masks, so this bag doesn’t fit in the drawer where I keep all my masks. Still, I think the size is a bit of a problem because I can’t bring the product on a trip or something like that. If I want to bring the product, then I first have to put it into another package. With a big package, you get a lot of product of course. This bag contains 500g of powder which you can turn into clay. Well, I have enough for the whole year.


Slovenian gray clay, Aloe Vera, water.

The advantage of this mask is that it is completely made of natural ingredients and with this natural skin treatment you get a super soft skin.

The instructions

The best thing about this mask is that it has some clear instructions. The back of the bag says how you need to use it when you have a greasy skin, but also how you have to use it when you have a dry skin. Resumed, it is a bad plan to dry the mask when you have a dry skin because your skin gets less greasy of that. If you have a dry skin, then you need your skin to be a bit greasy, so you don’t have a dry skin.

Post mask clay

This is a cream which you need to apply after applying the mask. This cream contains all the oils my skin needs to look a bit normal. This creams looks a bit like vaseline and absorbs pretty slow. I applied this cream after I showered, in the evening. I am happy I didn’t apply this cream in the morning, otherwise, I would walk around with a shiny day all day. Still, this cream works pretty well in combination with this mask. My skin isn’t dry anymore and it has a bit of a nice greasy layer. Still, my skin doesn’t become too greasy of this cream.

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Black cumin oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, vegetable glycerin, beeswax, Slovenian gray clay and vitamin E.

My experience with this mask

Clay mask

Making the clay mask is actually pretty easy. You first need to put some powder on a plastic tray and then add some water. Next, I applied the mask with a brush, so the mask is spread over my whole face. The mask dries pretty fast, so I didn’t get the chance to let the mask absorb completely. The instructions say I don’t need to let the mask dry. You can apply the cream pretty easily, but you it is not a good plan to apply a lot of this cream as well. You don’t want to walk around with a shiny face right?

The clay mask in combination with the cream costs €44.95 and is available at

How does this mask sound like to you?


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