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Last Monday I have written about the Styletone of december. In this Styletone was this beautiful lipstick, where I am very enthusiastic about. The last Styletone contained a lipstick as well, but this one was to be honest, really bad. I couldn’t apply this lipstick on my lips and he stank a bit as well. I am really enthusiastic about this lipstick. Do you want to know why?

The package


As I already wrote in the article of Monday, this lipstick looks really like a Nivea package. Maybe is this Nivea package already replaced, but he looked like it a lot. I don’t love this package. The lipstick is according to Styleton, high-end, so I think the lipstick needs an high-end package as well. Black is just the best color which a package can have, but everyone already knows that.

The lipstick


First I want to talk about the color. The color is really beautiful and exactly where I search for. When you apply it then you get a kind of a shimmer on your lips. First I didn’t notice this, but when you look really closely or when  you stand in the light. then you see this pretty clear.


The smell of this lipstick is a bit weird. I don’t smell it when I have it on, but you smell it clearly when you apply it. It smells a bit like charcoal and that’s a bit bad.



You can apply the lipstick very easily. It applies very creamy, but he looks pretty matt on your lips. With exception to the shimmer is the lipstick matt. I don’t think it is pretty, when you have a lot of glitters in your lipstick or lipgloss, so this is really nice.


This is how the lipstick looks like on my lips. As you can see is there a bit of shimmer n the lipstick, but fortunately not much. I am definitely going to use this lipstick daily and on my birthday. I always love red lipsticks.

What do you think of this lipstick?


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