A beautiful palette from Aliexpress | Review, swatches & more

I am so happy with this palette. It only costs around two euros, but it is definitely beautiful. I don’t have bad things to tell about this palette. Do you want to know where I got him from? Then read this article fast.

The package and colors


This is the palette and tell me, beautiful right?! The palette contains a couple nude colours and a couple with glitter. To be exact, four nude colors and eleven colors with glitter. You can easily combine the nude colors with the glitter colors, but also for example glitter with glitter. You don’t see the glitter really clear. It is not like, when you combine two colors, that your eye looks like a disco ball.


The package is not really amazing, but I don’t care. The package is just a black box, where I don’t notice anything special. No, there isn’t any brand on the package, but you can’t expect that from a palette of Aliexpress. You can open the package very easily and then you see these beautiful colors.


I think all the colors are really beautiful. I don’t have any color where I think ‘I don’t need this one’. I can combine all colors very easily and they are all very nice. I always use pink colors with pink outfits etc. For example, I have a pink pull and I use the left colors with this.


The package is really light and really easy to bring with you. Although, I am still scared that I break the colors very easily, because the package is very thin. It isn’t thick, but just made from thin plastic. I am very clumsy, so I don’t hope I will ever let it fall on the ground, because then he is immediately broken.


Also, I have the idea that there is too less eyeshadow in the palette. I can’t know this of course, because I didn’t use it that much. When you look good, then it looks like you can pull out the eyeshadow out of the circle, but this isn’t the case. When you really look on the details, then this is a little disadvantage.



Holy shit, look at these swatches. Too be honest, I didn’t expect this. For this palette for only two euros, the swatches are amazing. The eyeshadow is full of pigmentation and I don’t have to apply the eyeshadow with my fingers twice. When I do this once, then I already have a perfect swatch.


These are the other colors. I think these colors are the most beautiful. They fit really good with each other. All colors contain glitters, but not too much. You can blend this eyeshadow very easily and you can’t apply too much.

eyesI’ve made a simple make-up look. I have combined the silver and pink glitter eyeshadow. I only need a better brush to apply my eyeshadow, because now I do this with my fingers. With my fingers I can do it of course, but it looks easier to do this with a brush. I am definitely satisfied with this eyeshadow!

What do you think of this palette? I have bought this palette here. For only two euros!


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