A beautiful and exhausted start in Granada

Around 6am I stood on Schiptol to gather for my trip to Granada. I was so excited for this and I couldn’t wait to leave to Granada. Around 6.30am we went to the in-check desk and we needed to check in our self. We had a bit of spare time on Schiphol and we were allowed to do what we wanted. I didn’t want to eat, but this was really a bad plan..




I needed to travel around three hours with the airplane and after that I needed to travel around 1.5 hour with the bus. I really underestimated this. I expected that we needed to travel just a short time with the bus, but this wasn’t true. In the airplane, my stomach hurt so much and I really felt dizzy and sick. This wasn’t a good start of the day. Arrived in Granada, I felt really sick as well. Searching for food, there wasn’t really good food to find, only sweet ice creams and other sweet stuff.





We needed to walk a lot to arrive at our apartment. The first thing I noticed about Granada is that everything goes up. When you are finally at the top, then you need to go down as well. My suitcase was really big and really heavy. Imagine, a little girl with a huge suitcase who needs to walk down as well.. I tried to walk normal, but finally I needed to walk really fast so I didn’t get crushed by my own suitcase.




When we arrived at our apartment, I really thought, where did we arrive. The door looked like it could break every moment. Inside, it didn’t look really bad. We needed to live in a room for two persons with nine persons. I claimed with three others a separate room in the nine-person room. After exploring the room a bit we needed to walk to the cathedral for a quest. The quest was really confusing. We got a couple of exercises where we needed to walk to, but we didn’t have a map. Well, now we can go further guys! They didn’t print enough maps, so we needed to do it without a map. Finally we just walked random to something and we walked around four hours.





When we did the quest, I still felt really sick. I really felt like I was going to pass out and that is not the meaning of course. After walking quite a while, I bought something to drink and later something to eat. After eating I felt way better fortunately.


We came across this statue on the way. They were doing a sort of procession, but I still don’t know where this procession was about. In front of the statue were a couple of men and women walking with nice black clothes. I really had the feeling someone died here, but that wasn’t the case fortunately.



After the quest we went back to our apartment and after that to a cheap easy restaurant. We went to eat at FrescCo and to be honest this food wasn’t that great. We first needed to wait really long, until we could get inside. Besides, the buffet was really simple, but we needed to eat this. After a bit of salad and a bit of weak pizza I was already full again. After FrescCo we went to make a night time walk. Here we went to a sight point where we could see the Alhambra and the city in the dark. It was really hard to make pictures here, but I managed to do this.





The next day I noticed that Granada has a lot of big and white buildings. Really beautiful to see how these stores look like and how big the buildings are. The second day we first went to school. The school didn’t lay in these beautiful store streets, but I could live with it. The first teacher was really serious, but the second teacher was really hilarious. He taught us a lot, but then on a really playable way. Because of his jokes and weird tips, you could remember some things really easily.




After school we got a lot of spare time, but we needed to gather fast for the city tour. The city tour was organised by a Spain guy. He talked so so much and I couldn’t really listen to that. I just made some nice pictures without listening to him and I let other people listen to him.



We needed to walk a round-about way and finally we crashed into a old theater. On the roof, well on the branches, hang a lot of grapes and oh, I was so excited to eat some grapes. He told us a lot of interesting things, but this thing was the only one I remembered.




At out meetingpoint also stood flowers, they really smelled like weed. If you break the flowers, then your hands really smell like onion. Well, they were still really pretty.





I seriously never walked so many rounds in my life. We walked to the same spots all the time, but then for example to the other sides or again something else. I didn’t see some buildings the first time, but the second time I did. We didn’t walk the tourist route. Through little streets, where it didn’t smell that good, but also little houses and further.


After the city tour we had a bit of spare tame and after that we went to a tapas tour. I chose for the vegan option, because I just don’t like meat. The tapas were really small. I expected this of course, but we didn’t get many tapas so that was a bit unexpected.. If you chose for the normal meat option. then you had more than enough. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fill my stomach with patatas things and a spinach croquette.


The end of two beautiful days. Next week you will hear more about the left three days. Maybe in two articles or maybe in one. Have you ever been to Granada?


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