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951 Ultra Satin Lip Colourpop | Review

Today I have a new lippie for you. The 951 Ultra Satin Lip from Colourpop. A beautiful lippie where I first thought that it was a very beautiful nude color. Still, this lippie really disappointed me.

951 Ultra Satin Lip

951 ultra satin lip

This is the lippie. The packaging is really amazing and it looks beautiful. Besides that, the color from the lippie is so amazing from the outside. From the outside, it looks like a color which looks like I would wear it every day. Still, the color is very disappointing for me.

This is the swatch. It is pretty dark as you can see. I didn’t expect this at all. A bit later I found out that you first need to shake the lippie and besides that, it is a bad problem to apply a lot of it. Do you want a darker color? Then apply a lot. Do you want a lighter color? Then don’t apply much.

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This is the color on my lips. It is a pretty cold color. This is the lippie I applied very lightly on my lips. Also, I have shaken the lippie a lot. If I wanted the color to be darker then I could apply some more. I think the lighter color is way more beautiful.

Same as my other satin lippies, this one is very comfortable to wear. The Ultra Mattes are nothing for me, but the satin lippies are amazing as always.

What do you think of the 951 Ultra Satin Lip Colourpop? 


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