7x pictures I am the most proud of

For my blog, I make a lot of photos, but I am a huge perfectionist. There aren’t many photos I am super proud of. Still, there are exactly seven photos I am proud of. Curious about these pictures? Then read this blog.


I am super proud of this eye look. I never can picture my eye looks good, but it finally worked out. That’s why I am super proud of this eye look.



I love fall. Why? You can make beautiful pictures in fall. I have made the pictures above. Maybe the last one is a bit of a weird picture, but the colors are amazing.

Lip Swatch

I never could make a good picture of the color of my lipstick. This picture of  Lost worked out pretty well and the color is really perfect.


This was one of the first pictures I have made with my new softbox. This picture worked out pretty well and I even got the compliment that it looked like this was a picture from the website. That’s so nice to hear!



A while ago, I’ve made my first flaylay where I am super proud of. I have made the flatlay above and I am super happy with it.


As for last these swatches. I still need to post a review about these beautiful lippies and I will definitely work on that this weekend. I forget all the time that I need to make some lip swatches from these lippies.

Do you want to see more pictures or do you want to stay up to date on my blog posts? Then definitely check out my Instagram channel. On my Instagram, I post new pictures every day and besides that, I post a lot of my stories as well.

Which picture do you like the most?


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