7x nice notebooks for the new school year

I love notebooks. I love to work in notebooks for school, but also for my blog and other things. You never lose notebooks, they never wrinkle and they write amazingly. Besides that, there are a lot of really nice notebooks with cute prints and designs. Curious which notebooks I use for the new school year? Spoiler alert: they are really nice ;). 


How nice is this notebook? A book full of bows. The color combination is also very nice. The only disadvantage is that the notebook has a lot of rings. Because of those rings, it is hard to write in the notebook. This notebook is from the Hema (a Dutch store) and it only costs 1 euro.

Handy notebook

This isn’t really a beautiful notebook, but this is a really handy notebook. For a long time, I was searching to a notebook where I could make a lot of different notebooks from my language lessons. Different notebooks aren’t handy and I lose those all the time. This notebook is from the Action (another Dutch, cheap store)

Big notebook

Last year, I had a notebook like this, but that one was just black. This notebook is really handy for economics and I use that one with much pleasure. I don’t lose this notebook at all. I have bought this notebook at the Hema. You can buy this notebook in a set of three for only 3.50 euros.


I can’t miss a neutral notebook for sure. This notebook really looks like my school agenda, so I am not going to use this one for school. I am going to use this book for my blog and to note other ideas. This notebook is from the Action.


I love Hema notebooks. I have bought this notebook in a set of three for only two euros. Unfortunately, the third notebook was all under black stripes (and that wasn’t supposed to happen!). I love Hema, but this is the second time that happens…

I have bought this notebook at the Hema. This notebook only costs 50 cents and this one is perfect for winter. You can guess when I am going to use this notebook.


This is a notebook which is from the set of three. You can see the other notebook of the set above. I love blue, so a blue notebook is really handy.


No notebook, but how cute is this pencil case? I have bought this pencil case on Aliexpress and it was super cheap of course. I am definitely going to use this pencil case for the new school year.

Which notebook do you like the most? 


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