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5 reasons why I hate Facebook

Facebook and I have a kind of hate-love relationship. Since I am on Pinterest, I think really different about Facebook en Twitter. With Twitter, I don’t have a hate-love relationship yet, but with Facebook, I really have a bad relationship. Facebook really works against me and I think that is really sad, unfortunately.

Too many notifications

Instagram and Facebook. Every single morning when I wake up, I have around 40 notifications. On one way or another, I also get notifications from Instagram on Facebook. Every time when someone likes my picture or leaves a comment, then I get a notification on Facebook, but also on Instagram. So annoying…

Images which never load

This is what I hate the most. Every time when I post a link on Facebook then I get a white image instead of the featured image I have on my blog. Also, the images don’t load or they get replaced by a zoomed in picture of my head. Well, that is amazing guys…

Spam comments

This week I put five giveaways online and I noticed I didn’t get any spam comments on this (with exception of poems and the people who didn’t even read the article). Every time when I promote my blog on Facebook then I get spam comments about recurrences or spam comments which just doesn’t make sense.

Crazy people

It is always nice to receive comments which just doesn’t make sense at all. I get this a lot on Facebook. Sometimes I even get hate comments on a Facebook message, which isn’t even about the article. Sometimes I have the feeling that someone just leaves hate comments on my Facebook page about an article from someone else.

Little or no visitors

A while ago, I promoted a lot on Facebook. I needed to pay a lot of effort to get a couple of unique visitors. I thought it was always hard to get my daily goal of 100 unique visitors. Since I have Pinterest, this is not the case anymore, unfortunately.

Do you also have a hate-love relationship?


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