5 bloggers preconceptions every blogger heard


Bloggers preconceptions, we all know them. I get to hear them alot and some are pretty stupid. Today I’m going to tell you the preconceptions I hear alot.

”Oh you got those product again?”. No guys, I’ve got money also and I buy alot of product on my own. You don’t get product suddenly as a blogger and especially not when you ask for it.

♡ “You don’t need to spend time in blogging”. That’s so not true. I spend alot of time in blogging and now I made my blog English ( You get an update about this soon) I spend even more time in my blog. It’s not only writing an article but also making pictures. 

“Blogging is useless”. Well, first of all blogging is not useless! You learn alot when you blog and I love to blog so much. You get to know new people and you make new friends when you blog. So useless? Don’t think so!

♡ I don’t trust a product review of a blogger. Bloggers can’t give their opinion about the product and they always stay positive, because they got the product from a company. What a joke.

♡ Alot of people think that only women blog. “Bloggen is for women and not for men. They think men bloggers doesn’t exist. Well that’s not true! I know alot of men bloggers and even men who blog about beauty. They are all amazing to read.

I hear these preconceptions alot and some are pretty mean aswell. Especially when someone says, why do you blog?! Blogging is so useless. You don’t learn anything of this. Or when people say, you don’t have to spend time in blogging. You make an article in only 20 minutes, even less, all bullshit.

Do you get to hear alot of preconceptions aswell?


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