13x beautiful spring pictures which will make you happy

Yesterday, the weather was really good and to be honest, I didn’t do much. I was planning to write a lot of blogs this weekend and just be very productive, but I didn’t do this, unfortunately. Still, I did make a lot of beautiful pictures, which will make you happy.


Yesterday was a super lazy day. I just spend my whole day on Pinterest. I have a lack of beauty products to review, so that’s why I write this article.

Actually, I was wondering if you guys would like to see a series of looks on my blog. For sure, there comes a new series of blog articles on Friday. This is all about sports, but I can’t tell anything more. This Friday the first article from the series goes online.


I actually can’t wait until the weather will become better again. Yesterday, the weather was beautiful of course, but I don’t see the weather becoming better anytime soon.


Oh, I am in love with these pink flowers. Soon, I will make more pictures and that is for the series what goes online this Friday. Secretly I hope that the weather will adapt itself a bit, so I can work for this series.


Who doesn’t love red flowers? My garden looks actually beautiful.


I am secretly in love with this picture. It worked out pretty well and the bird is also really beautiful in the picture.

Enjoy the last couple of pictures. I hope the weather will become better soon so we can tan a bit, because say it yourself.. We are all a bit white..


I hope the weather will get beautiful again soon, so I can make more of these beautiful pictures.

How was your day yesterday?  

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