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Outfit | Grey winter jacket from Mango + tip!

It is becoming winter again. I am pretty excited for it, but on the other hand, I really don’t like winter. It becomes colder and that means I have to wear winter jackets again. Last year I’ve bought an amazing winter jacket which I wear with much pleasure. Curious which winter jacket I mean? Then check out this article.

Winter jacket from Mango


This is the winter jacket I mean. A beautiful dark grey winter jacket from the Mango. Normally the jackets and actually all clothes are pretty expensive from Mango. They have beautiful items, but the price holds me back. Last year I came across a website called  Mango Outlet, where you can buy some nice Mango items for a low price. I’ve bought this jacket here as well and it had a discount from 130 euros to 50 euros. A real bargain!


The jacket is perfect and suits perfectly with my figure. I always have the problem that jackets are pretty oversized on me, right when I don’t want that. This one suits perfect and it is not too long as well. Also, the buttons are pretty strong as well. Normally my buttons break after I wear the jacket like three times. This jacket is pretty strong and made of good quality.

The jacket looks very pretty on me and has two pretty big pockets. Unfortunately, you can’t close these pockets, and I think that’s a shame. A while ago I went to a concert and for that, I needed a jacket with some big pockets. Unfortunately, I couldn’t close those pockets, so I couldn’t wear the jacket.

A beautiful jacket which I will definitely wear which much pleasure. The price is amazing and for a jacket which survives so long, it is definitely worth it. You can wear the jacket easily because of the color. I prefer wearing it with some black pants and black boots.

What do you think of this jacket?


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  • Reply Tessa | Daily Inception

    Celine! Waarom ben jij zo knap. Damn!

    Tuesday December 5th, 2017 at 12:16 PM
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