Why I can still blog about beauty as a clumsy person

Often, I see a lot of beautiful makeup looks on Facebook or at other bloggers. A lot of people say that you need to be able to create these beautiful looks when you are a beauty blogger, but as a clumsy person I just can’t make those beautiful looks. I try this of course, but most of the time I end up with an horrible look.

Eye looks

Earlier, I wrote about my panda bear eye look and an eyeliner for clumsy girls. It is pretty frustrating when I can’t achieve the result I want to achieve. I can’t make a pretty picture of the look and I don’t understand how I can fix this. When I use a flash then my looks are too bright and when I don’t use a flash, then it looks like I am a ghost. Sometimes I see beautiful looks and then I want it too of course. Maybe I just need to watch a lot of tutorials. I never do this tho.


Just clumsy

Still, I can blog about beauty. There are so many roads you can walk with blogging about beauty. Look, I want to put beautiful looks online, but that certainly won’t happen now. I am just too clumsy for this and I have no idea how I can achieve this. I think it is really nice to write reviews and to write about different beauty problems. As a clumsy person I can still blog about beauty. Maybe I won’t get as much visitors as I would get when I would post beautiful looks, but I just can’t do it. I do this for fun and that’s the only thing what counts.

For all tips about creating a beautiful look, you are allowed to leave a link below. I want to practice way more with this and maybe you will see a look later. Well now I will just write reviews and blog about beauty problems. That is also really nice!

Where do you blog about when you blog about beauty?


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