Where do I get my inspiration from?

Sometimes, it is pretty hard to get ideas for your blog. There aren’t many bloggers who have a lot of ideas for their blog. I’m not a fan of bloggers who just rewrite an article from other bloggers. But, where do I get my inspiration from?


Pinterest is really my number one thing where I get my inspiration from. When I don’t have inspiration, then I just take a look on Pinterest and then I immediately have a new nice idea. Of course, I use Pinterest not only for inspiration. I also use Pinterest to promote my blog and also because it is just really nice. You come across so many weird and crazy things on Pinterest and most of the time I can write an article about that. For example, this article about beauty hacks which I don’t believe. I came across these beauty hacks which I don’t believe and I didn’t believe those at all. They were really nice and that’s why I wrote an article about it.

My shower

Maybe it is a bit weird, but I also get inspiration when I am in the shower. Most of the time, I get tons of ideas, but sometimes I forget them the moment I step out of the shower. Sometimes I want a notebook in my shower. Luckily, I get my ideas back some hours after I have showered. When I shower I just stare at something and then I get many ideas for my blog. Most of the time I get a lot of inspiration from this. It is actually a relax moment, but also a really productive moment.

Other bloggers

I am in a super nice blog group and people ask a lot of questions there. When I need to answer that question with a big explanation then I just write an article. So I immediately have an article for my blog colleagues and a nice answer.

The things around me

It is not that hard to find inspiration. Just look around you. Maybe you will find people discussing something or a nice thing to talk about on your blog. You can find inspiration literally everywhere.


Sometimes I receive nice packages from the press or other companies and most of the time I buy makeup. When you look in my stash, then you know for sure that I can find a couple of products which I can review or what do you think of a nice look? Like I said, you can find inspiration everywhere.
Where do you get inspiration from?

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