What do I use as base for my makeup?

When you apply makeup, it is really important that you have a good base. I have a dry skin of course and then a good day cream is really a must. Also, a good foundation is really important. A matte foundation is horrible when you have a dry skin. It is important to have a foundation for the dry skin.

Day cream

This is really the perfect day cream. It provides sun protection, what I really need. It also has a couple of important vitamins which make sure my skin doesn’t become dry. Besides that, the day cream absorbs pretty fast, so I can apply my foundation pretty fast as well. Of course, you have to wait a bit, but that goes pretty fast. Most of the time I dress up fast or I just do something else.


Most of the time I have very dry skin around my eyebrows. I always use this serum to remove that dry skin. When I apply the serum, then my dry skin disappears in seconds. That is perfect of course.


This concealer is amazing. Before, I have never used a concealer, but I really missed this. Sometimes I only use concealer and actually no foundation anymore. Before, I used foundation when I just wanted to hide a couple of ugly spots. I use this concealer most of the time around, under my eyes and on my nose. It is really the perfect concealer.


This foundation is for normal to dry skin. I first thought that I bought this foundation too dark, but it is actually perfect. When my skin just needs a bit more, then I use this foundation. It stays on pretty long and it blends perfectly with my concealer. I always apply this foundation with a sponge or a beauty blender.

Which products doy ou use as a base for your makeup?  


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