The power of blogging every day (and why I don’t do it!)

Blogging every day is a hard thing to do. I question myself a lot how bloggers can blog literally every day. This has a lot of advantages of course, but for me it seems like an impossible thing to do.

Posting every day

Sometimes I see bloggers who post small blogs every day. There is nothing wrong with that and I can do it like that as well. Still, I see bloggers who post long articles every day. This has a lot of advantages of course. Every day, readers see a new article from you. You can also promote an article every day and you never repeat a blogpost. I notice from my own blogs that a new article gets way more views than an article from one day old. It is clear, when you blog every day, then you get way more visitors.
Still, I don’t understand why people blog literally every day. I come across a lot of bloggers who blog every day and sometimes don’t write the best quality articles. There is nothing wrong with that. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to do that. Still I don’t understand why you would put less quality articles online, when you can write better when you have more time.

Shall I do it?

Of course, when you don’t blog every day, you can still put online a less quality article. I sometimes post an article, where I wasn’t the most proud of. Still, when I would blog every day, then I know from myself there would be way more ‘less quality articles’ online. This is one of the reasons why I don’t blog every day. I also need to translate all my blogposts in English, so that’s even more work. I just don’t have the time and inspiration for it. I think I want to blog daily, but I have the idea that I need to give up all my hobbies, school and spare time. I have a lot of respect for the bloggers who can blog daily. I just want to know how they are able to blog daily, because I know I wouldn’t be able to. I think four times a week is definitely enough.

Do you blog every day or don’t you want to do it? 

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