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I was searching for a backpack for my laptop for a long time. My laptop didn’t fit in a backpack and then I came up with the fact I just need a new backpack for my laptop. No sooner said than done. I bought a Fjällräven backpack. Curious to this backpack and which jacket I wear with this backpack?

Fjällräven backpack

This is the backpack I have received. I think the color of the backpack is really amazing. Normally I only have black backpacks, but this is something different. The backpack becomes a bit dusty sometimes, unfortunately, but I just need to clean that. Besides that, the tires of the backpack are really supportive. Normally I have thin tires, but these are bigger, so it is less heavy to wear this backpack. That is ideal for heavy books, but also for traveling.

I think the backpack in combination with my jacket is really amazing. Both the colors are amazing and I love that a lot. The backpack has three different spaces. A space for my laptop and one bigger space. Besides that, on the front, there is a small space as well where I put my keys and other small stuff.

Besides that, it is also really handy that the backpack has two handles. The handles are very strong, so you can grab the backpack with these handles. The only disadvantage is that I can’t put my laptop in the laptop space with a protector. The laptop space is a bit too small for that. If I want to bring my laptop to school, I need to put this in the bigger space and then I put my books in the laptop space. That is also possible of course.

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*This web shop only ships to Germany, Holland, and Belgium.


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