Outfit | Brown pants with striped shirt

Lately, I am searching for nice pants. I actually only wear black pants and that really needs to change. I have bought these pants for a super nice cheap price and it fits amazing.  

Brown pants

These are the pants I have ordered. These pants are from Forever 21 and the pants are really amazing. I have bought these pants in size S. I first had size M in my basket, but these pants are a half size bigger. Normally I have size S/M, so it is better I have ordered a size S. These pants aren’t too thight and I definitely need to wear a belt.


I have just found this top in my closet. I actually don’t know where I got this top from. I think I have bought this top at the Bershka like two years ago. Still, I have found a cute alternative, which I will definitely buy eventually. This top is really amazing and it also fits pretty nice. I always wear this with another top under the top, because it lowers down a bit.

You also get a nice belt when you buy these pants. Since I always break my belts, this belt really comes in handy. I think I will break this belt pretty fast, but that’s not really my fault. These pants are also high-waist and that’s why I need to wear a belt. Otherwise, it just falls down.

I am super happy with this outfit and I will definitely wear this often. You can’t see the heels on this picture, but they fit also really nice. If you take a look at my last outfit posts, then you can see these heels.

What do you think of these nice pants? 


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