My favorite thing about Fall

Falling leaves, beautiful Fall colors, not too hot. There are so many reasons why I love Fall. Of course, there are a lot of disadvantages to this season, but there are also a lot of advantages. Curious to these advantages? Then read this post.

Yesterday, it wa raining a lot in Holland. It is a bit weird to write this post of course. I walked into my school almost drowned from the weather. I also got a couple of weird faces. I was the first two hours free, so everyone was dry, with beautiful hair and I was totally drowned. Still, there are a couple of advantages of Fall.

Nice Fall colors

I love nice Fall colors. Especially in my makeup, you see that back. I often wear dark purple or red colors and they suit me pretty well. I also hear a lot that purple colors suit me pretty well. Another reason to love this season.



I love jumpers. They are so comfortable and you don’t have to worry that some jumpers look wrong. I especially love oversized jumpers which are really oversized. That is not that hard because I am pretty small.

Beautiful pictures

Admit.. You can make beautiful pictures in Fall. If it is Summer, you can only make beautiful pictures when you are in a foreign country. In Holland, it is almost impossible to make beautiful pictures. In Fall you can make beautiful pictures. From falling leaves to some rainy weather or beautiful flowers.

Do you love this season as well? 


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