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I love eyeshadow. If it had a lot of money, I would have a way bigger eyeshadow stash, but I can’t buy that much eyeshadow unfortunately. There are so many brands I’d love, but I have a lot of eyeshadows tho. Today I will show you these in an article.

Action palette

oogschaduw stash

This is a palette I have bought at the Action a while ago. I think you can still buy it there. A while ago I’ve written a review about this palette. For the price it is really a good product.

Aliexpress palette

I seriously have bought this palette from Aliexpress. Actually, I have just bought this palette for my stash, because I don’t trust the product of Aliexpress. This palette is super pretty on the picture.

Also a palette from Aliexpress. The color doesn’t give much color unfortunately and it isn’t really pigmented. Still, I wouldn’t use this palette, because I don’t trust the makeup products from Aliexpress that much.

Smokey eyes

This is a little palette I once received from a press bureau. I am really not a fan of smokey eyes and I just can’t apply this. I just look like a panda when I try to apply black eyeshadow. Also perfect for my stash!



I use these eyeshadows daily. I am just in love with Colourpop and I can’t afford to buy more. All colors are so beautiful and I can also make beautiful looks with these colors. I am in love!



Also, I do never use this eyeshadow, but they are really pretty for Christmas. Especially the right one is beautiful. I have the feeling that this color is a sort of rose gold and I am a big fan of that.


oogschaduw stash

I’ve bought the left palette in England. I use these colors for just a little touch daily. I’ve bought the palette on the right a long time ago and I don’t use that one anymore. I have used this palette a lot as you can see on the picture.

oogschaduw stash

This palette is super nice when you love color. I am not a fan of colors and I have literally no idea why I’ve bought this palette. This palette has a beautiful spot in my stash.

oogschaduw stash

I have received this palette from a blogger. I am so sorry, but I have no idea from whom I have got this palette. I think this palette is so beautiful and I definitely need to use this palette more.

The colors are perfect for me and these are actually all the colors I want. This palette goes in my drawer for daily makeup.

Do you love eyeshadow as much as I do?


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