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My blog goals for August 2017

This month I am going to work a lot. I want to improve my blog, write a lot of articles and I also want to increase my reach. I have strict goals for myself and I hope I will reach these goals. Curious to my goals? Then read this article!

Last month, I didn’t publish a goal article, because I was very busy with school, unfortunately. Still, I am in a blogging group and we all put our goals in one document.

My goals from last month

Pinterest: 1500 followers

Facebook: 1000 likes

Twitter: 1400 followers

Instagram: 1750 followers

Blog: 4200 unique visitors (a month).


I will definitely reach my Pinterest goal. Lately, I am growing a lot by Tailwind and my other strategies. I will definitely reach this goal.


I think it is hard to get more likes on Facebook. It is just hard to reach more people on Facebook. When my giveaways went online, I got way more likes than usual, but this is harder when there aren’t any giveaways online anymore.


I need to put more time into Twitter. I have a lot of fun on Twitter and I want to get to know more people on Twitter. This month I am going to try to get in touch with more bloggers. I think I can learn a lot from other bloggers.


Instagram goes pretty well! I post way more and I notice that I get more interaction, but also more followers. Besides that, I think it is amazing to get more inspiration for pictures on Instagram.


I want to improve my blog a lot this month. I have tried to make my blog faster and I succeeded very well. This weekend I am going to improve my blog more and I am going to promote more as well. I have already made a promote plan.

My goals on one row for this month

Pinterest: 1800 followers

Facebook: 1150 likes

Twitter: 1450 followers

Instagram: 1750 followers

Blog: 5000 unique visitors (a month)

What are your blog goals for this month? 


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  • Reply Marguerita

    Goed dat je jezelf doelen stelt, kom je ook naar Blogger by Nature op 2 september? Is ook met de trein goed Bereikbaar. Valt me op dat je op al je socials ontzettend veel volgers hebt (het dubbele of meer als ik) en veel minder maandelijkse bezoekers. Blog je dagelijks? Wel knap gedaan hoor, ik wil mijn social media volgers ook graag opkrikken, maar ik krijg ook veel traffic via google. Daar is voor jou misschien nog winst te behalen?

    Saturday August 5th, 2017 at 12:32 PM
    • Reply Celine Klooster

      Ik blog niet dagelijks. Daar heb ik helaas geen tijd voor. Misschien moet ik mij inderdaad ook meer gaan focussen op google. Dat is helaas wel lastig als je tweetalig blogt.

      Sunday August 6th, 2017 at 03:32 PM

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