Life lessons to my twelve-year-old me

When I was twelve years old I had made a couple of mistakes. I’ve learned a lot from this and now I know for sure how I could do things the other way. Curious what?

Always make summaries

I know I didn’t use any summaries. I have always learned the whole book out of my head and that just doesn’t work. Of course I was stressing out a lot, because I needed to learn way too much. Literally 1/2 I learned was useless.

Don’t trust everyone around you

Earlier I trusted people way too fast. I didn’t know who I needed to trust and how I could test that trust. I believed that everyone would do the school stuff before the deadlines expired and I thought that everyone was on my side. Well, that clearly wasn’t the case.

Enjoy while you can

When I was twelve, I thought I had so much to do. I thought it was much to write an article from around 200 words, but now I always write articles of at least 300 words. Also, I thought I was always super busy with school. I thought my subjects were absolutely horrible and I thought this would get better when I was older. Well, that wasn’t the case and now I notice that totally. I talk often about the fact that I am super busy now, but you will see that I will be way more busy on the university haha.

Promote your blog

When I just started with my blog, I didn’t know I could promote my blog. I was always waiting patiently for comments, but those never came, because nobody knew about my blog.

Don’t let you stop by others

I always let myself stop by others. The comments or other reactions were a lot worth for me and that was pretty bad. I was pretty scared to blog about other things I wanted and I was pretty scared to say the things I wanted.

Of course, I am just seventeen years old and that’s why I think it is pretty hard to give my twelve-year-old me life lessons. I know I am going to learn way more from myself when I get older.

What are the life lessons to your twelve-year-old you?  


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