How would I describe my clothing style?

First I thought I didn’t have a clothing style, that I liked literally everything. Still, I wear clothes what I really like to wear. How would I describe my clothing style then?

I think it is super nice to wear dresses. I just feel nice in dresses and I have the feeling that everything gets emphasized on the right way. When I wear dresses, then I feel really confident and I just feel really nice. That is important, right? I think it is amazing to wear blouses. Blouses with ruches or white blouses are so amazing. I think a sweet style is really amazing and it is important to just feel nice in the clothes you wear, right?

Some people don’t feel nice in dresses and skirts. Most girls say it is horrible to wear dresses, because it just doesn’t suit nice. I think it just feels nice to wear dresses (huh? Celine?). I just feel nice in this, because I hate wearing a belt when I wear pants and most pants are too long or too big. With a panty or a dress you don’t need a belt. Dresses just stretches with your body and you can buy panties as big as you want, without they have to be too big.

I think it is so nice. Wearing clothes I feel nice in. I want to be confident when I walk through the city or through the school, without I have the feeling I get watched by other people.

Sometimes I wear pants. I have some amazing pants which fit perfect. Also, I am in love with the jacket I bought a while ago. I don’t wear dresses all the time tho because it is clumsy for the winter and for the cold days. I prefer wearing dresses and I think I will show you a couple of dresses on my blog. I want to show you my style.

What do I wear in this picture?

In which clothes do you feel good?


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    Het staat je lekker pittig ik vind het leuk groetjes an creatief

    Thursday May 11th, 2017 at 08:26 AM
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