Jewelry from Lucardi + tip for mothers day!

I don’t wear jewelry that often, but I still think it is a really nice way to make your outfit look nicer. Sometimes I wear a normal jersey and then it is really nice to wear some jewelry with this outfit. Of course, it is almost mothers day and then it is time to give your mother something special. Maybe this jewelry are something for her?


As first I have got these beautiful earrings. These are actually simple earrings, but the diamonds in the earrings make the earrings look unique.

I am really in love with this bracelet. It fits pretty nice on my wrist and that is really a miracle. Normally, bracelets don’t fit me and they are often too big. The bracelet closes pretty easy as well.

As you can see, these earrings and the bracelet suit pretty well together. I don’t really like sets, so I would only wear the earrings and the bracelet separate, but if you love sets then this set is perfect for you.


Such a beautiful package. Totally in the theme of love. The package is really beautiful and there are also beautiful jewelry in this.

I wanted to give this set to my mom, but I figured out this set wasn’t made of sterling silver. That doesn’t mean this set can’t be perfect for your mom. This set is really the perfect gift for mothers day.

The earrings are pretty heavy. My earlobes hurt pretty bad sometimes, so these aren’t the perfect earrings. I notice already that my earlobe starts to turn a bit red.

What do you buy for mothers day?  


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