How to: Apply powder on dry skin

Using powder while you have a dry skin, I hear you laughing already. Still, I have the problem that my makeup disappears pretty fast and I don’t want that of course. Powder makes sure my makeup stays on my face the whole day. Today I will explain to you how I apply my powder on my dry skin. 


The powder I use is the finishing powder of Hikari. The powder is completely white and it blends completely with your skin. So, no weird colors in your face. I apply this powder easily with a brush, especially for powder. I actually have two different brushes. I figured out that one brush is worse than the other one. One brush just lets me show my dry skin even more. So, it is really important to have a soft brush, without hard pieces. The ELF brushes sound really amazing and I read a lot of nice reviews about these brushes.

Applying powder

droge huid

I first make sure I apply my hydrating cream under my foundation. Sometimes I also apply a serum when I have a really dry skin. Besides that, I have a foundation, especially for the dry skin. This is a pretty greasy foundation, so it gives me less coverage. Besides that, this foundation disappears faster than my matte foundation. Then this powder really comes in handy. Because of this powder, my foundation disappears slower and it gives my skin a matte layer as well. I think the matte effect of this powder is really amazing.

Do you use powder and do you have a dry skin?  


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