Four easy tips to improve your Instagram page

The last time you see many blogs about growing on Instagram. They have the same points only with different words and growing seems impossible with those tips. On my Instagram page I do it on an other way. Read here about my way. I will tell you something about the importance of a beautiful layout, a good biography, a business profile, and the use of hashtags.

The layout

Instagram is a platform where you share pictures, with this pictures, you have to convince people to love your page. Your nine most recent posted pictures are the most important ones, these have to be perfect like all the time. Never post a picture if you don’t love it for 100%. Only share your best and most beautiful pictures. Next, it is important to edit your pictures all the same way so there will be an unit in your profile.
A few examples of accounts:

When I see this account I get happy because of the colours. You see beautiful, bright and soft colours in all her pictures. The pictures are all taken on the same way, outside with a blue or pink air. This creates unity and calmness on your account.

This account is different from the one before. The colours that are used are light and dark ones, by using this contrast you get nice pictures. When you do this with every picture you get a beautiful layout.

The pictures on this account all have a white background, this is one of the favourites of many bloggers. Not only fashion bloggers use this, but also beauty bloggers and other bloggers. You only have to think about a white background and you can start shooting. The great thing about white is that everything looks brighter on it, except white itself.

This is my own account, I create unity on my account by editing all my pictures the same way with the app Snapseed. This is an app which you can download on your mobile phone and it is very easy to use. When I edit the picture, I mostly use the possibility pencil and fine tune. I use all the possibilities at fine tune and with the pencil I use contradictions so the focus point gets more attention.



In your biography you need to sell yourself with words, but this has to be short and powerful. The most important thing to tell is who you are and what you do. Most biographies are made of bullet points, think about what you do, where you are from, travel you’ll make soon, your age, and how people can get in touch with you. Next, it is good to make a link to your website. If you want to make it easier to read, you should add Emojis before every sentence.

Use a business profile or not?

I only can give one answer on the question if you should use a business profile or not and this answer is don’t. The benefits are only the stats (which you will never use) and the contact possibility (where nearly no one clicks on).

The negative point about a business profile is that your picture aren’t well visible. Since Instagram uses a random way to show the pictures, we want to be as high in the timeline of our followers as possible. When you have a business profile it is harder to get that high. This can be a reason why you get less likes and comments and that’s not what we want.



Hashtags are very, very important, people can use Instagram as a search machine, when you include hashtags to your pictures, people will find them. This can give you a lot extra likes. But it is important to use meaningful hastags. Hashtags like #like4like #follow4follow #spam4spam don’t work at all.

One of the most important things and which most people don’t do is using invisible hashtags. This means you don’t put your hashtags in your first message, but in a comment underneath. When you use five dots under each other and start on the sixth line with your hashtags it will be invisible. Using enters is not possible in a comment, so you need to write it somewhere else. I mostly do it in my notes, cut and paste and you have posted it before you have a comment from someone else.
It looks like this when you are typing it:
#ontheblog #linkinbio #bloggergirl #bloggervibes #bloggerslife #blogginggals #newblogpost #instablogger #fashionbloggers #bloggerstyle

It will look like this after posting:
Luxelifelover […]

When you use hashtags it is important that they have value, when you post a picture of your brand new clothes, you can make hashtags of all the brands and words with fashion, outfit of the day, etc. but a hashtag about a hot rugby player or about food is a thing you should never do.

I hope you have found this interesting and please let me know which tips you want to do something with. If you want to know more about me, check out my instagram or my blog. I have much more to tell you about Instagram, so you can expect another post about it soon. If you want to know specific things, let me know in a comment so I can help you.

*This is a guest post from Emma, because I am a noob at Instagram ;).

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