It’s fine of course when you want to use articles or sentences from my articles, but you need to link to the article or sentence from my article.

Do you want to use one of my photo’s? Then you need to contact me and wait for permission. You also need to place a link to my website.

Do you think the photo’s I use are one of your companies, then get in touch with me, I will change it directly.

Affiliate links

I also use affiliate links. Your privacy won’t get touched, I only earn a bit from you spendings. Affiliate links work like this: I’m sign up by Linkpizza, a affiliate party who adds automatic affiliate links to my blogposts. When you buy something, then I get a little part of the amount you’ve spent. No violation of your privacy. You only help me to improve The Beautyboulevard or pay the costs from this money.


It’s possible to cooperate with me. This can be about product reviews, advertorials, giveaways or banners. Do you want to cooperate with me in another way, then get in touch with me too.

Since October the third 2015 I’ve put this picture under every article, where I got products or another kind of payment.

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