Cheap chokers of Aliexpress

Today I want to share an amazing budget blog with you guys. I have bought these beautiful chokers for only 20 cents each. You hear it right, 20 cents each. You don’t have to do anything for this and they are from a really good quality.

The chokers


Nobody would believe me, but these four chokers only cost 20 cents each. Four chokers for only 80 cents, can you believe that? On Aliexpress you can buy these chokers. You can choose between 13 different chokers for a price of only 20 cents!


Now is the question of course, what do I think of these chokers? I think these four chokers are really original. They are really simple and you can combine everything. I am definitely going to wear this choker for more luck.


What this choker means, I have no idea. I think this one is really cool of course. I never came across this kind of choker on the internet and I am very happy with this one.


Isn’t this choker very funny? I saw this choker between the chokers and I immediately turned very enthusiastic. Especially funny, because he hangs close to your throat. The only disadvantage about this choker is that he is very crinkled. You can’t put this choker somewhere and you can’t make a picture of it. When you want to put it on your throat, then you first have to look good if the choker isn’t turned and that is actually a huge disadvantage.


How cute is this?! I’ve bought this cute elephant as well. What I notice is that everything is ok about these chokers. The charm isn’t ugly and of course not thick. I like the thin part, because that feels really nice around your throat.


The closing gets adapted to the charm itself. The charm is a bit gold, so you get a golden closing and when the charm is silver, then you get a silver closing. The closings aren’t made from real silver of course, but you can’t expect that for only 20 cents.


As you can see, the choker isn’t really tight. I think that doesn’t feel nice and you can adapt yourself how tight this choker has to be. The only disadvantage is, the choker is a bit turned and that doesn’t look that nice.


Even the black choker fits with my pink sweater, amazing!


I question myself how they can make these chokers so cheap. You don’t notice anything bad about these chokers and that only for 20 cents. To be honest, I expected something bad, a ugly charm or something, but that isn’t the case.


As you can see, the choker literally mirrors in the camera. Again a proof that these chokers are really beautiful.

What do you think of these chokers?


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