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Black Friday 2017 | What’s on my wishlist?

For the ones who don’t know what Black Friday is, it is actually a day (or a weekend) with a lot of nice discounts. In America, it is a pretty big hype, but in Holland (where I live ;)) it is not really a hype. My favorite American webshops have a lot of nice discounts that day. Curious about my wishlist? Then read this post.


I’ve been wanting to buy some new makeup for a long time. Colourpop is my favorite makeup brand and I use my eyeshadows and lipsticks with much pleasure. For my whole Colourpop eyeshadow collection you need to take a look here. Colourpop has so many amazing products and I actually want to put everything on my wishlist. Still, I’ve been wanting one of their palettes for a long time. I love nude looks and I think nude colors are very nice to use. That’s why I want the palette I think I love you or the She Pressed Powder Eyeshadow palette.. I can’t choose haha! Besides that, I have one lippie which is perfect for me and I actually use it every day. My other lippies are nice as well, but this one is definitely the best. I really want another matte lippie. I think Poison is very beautiful, but also Parker and Baewatch.


Besides that, I hope that Amazon will have some very nice makeup discounts. I still have a gift card worth 25$, so that doesn’t cost me anything. I really want the Real Techniques Starter Set, because I barely have some good brushes. On my Instagram, I want to make some beautiful eye looks, but I can’t do that without good brushes, products and good light of course. Besides that, I want to buy some other makeup products, but I will wait until Amazon says which products will get a discount on Black Friday.

What’s on your wishlist? 


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