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I am super enthusiastic to write this article. Due to circumstances, I stopped dancing, but I want to keep moving of course. I came across this amazing sport on Youtube. You can do so many things with this sport and I am super enthusiastic to practice this sport a lot.

The longboard

First, I am going to introduce you to my beautiful longboard. This longboard is from the brand Dusters and it is so beautiful. Dusters have so many beautiful designs and I just can’t stop scrolling through these beautiful designs.

The longboard has two different wheels and I am super enthusiastic about that somehow. It is not like a normal longboard, just two wheels in the same colors.

The trucks are also super cool. One is just black and the other one is yellow with flowers. It also suits together pretty good. Black on a busy background and yellow with flowers on a black background.

But how does this longboard ride? I need to say, it was first really hard to ride on the longboard. I didn’t know how I needed to stand on it and which foot needed to be in front. After a couple of minutes practicing I finally discovered how I needed to ride on the longboard.

It is not that hard and with the right clothes, you also come really far. Just make sure you don’t wear tight clothes, just normal clothes. That goes way easier..

Controlling the longboard also goes pretty well. I expected that this was the hardest thing to do and that it would take a long time before I could control the longboard a bit, but I’ve learned it pretty fast. I haven’t crashed into the pool once!

Tomorrow I am going to drive with my friend a bit. I have practiced a bit in the garden and now it goes pretty well already. So we are going to try to drive a bit more.

Longboards are famous because of their ability to drive long distances. You don’t have to pay much effort to drive and a longboard is also very stable. This is also because of the model I have. I have a drop through longboard and that means that the longboard is pretty low. This longboard is more stable than a longboard without drop through.


A beautiful longboard where I am super happy with. It drives super easy and I can’t notice anything bad. This longboard from Dusters is definitely a recommendation for the starter and also for someone who has longboarded for a long time.


I am super happy with this longboard and I am going to enjoy it a lot. Soon, there will come a lot of nice articles online about my longboard and how I drive this longboard.

Would you like to longboard as well? 

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